The dsp-G2 Synthesizer Chip

The generation 2 of the VA synth chip is a complete Analog Modelling MIDI synth in a 20-pin SOP SMT package chip.

The chip reads TTL level serial MIDI data and outputs sound through a 44.1KHz 16-bit Delta-Sigma DAC.

The synth has a Dual-DCO structured as fully paraphonic with a 24db lowpass filter with resonance.

Yes, fully paraphonic means you can play all 128 MIDI notes at once with individual ADSR. Paraphonic means they all go through the same filter.

It also has AMP ENV, filter ENV and LFO with sine or sample&hold waveform.

The chip can be used for your own DIY projects or you can buy the PCB for building it into a MIDI-DIN connector.

The PCB is made to fit in a standard 5pin DIN connector.

If you don’t have any MIDI ports and still want to play around with the chip this preprogrammed Digispark board available in the webshop will give you an old fashioned MIDI port on your computer/tablet/phone.

The dsp-G2 is available now for $29.95 at the webshop.