DIY XR10 Instructions

Here are the building instructions for the XR10, RX5 and other 6 channel drum module kits.

A full kit is available here.

DIY Kits

BOM for the build

D1-D7 1N4148
R1-R12 1Kohm
C1-C6, C13 100nF/0.1uF
C7-C12, C14 10uF
IC1 dsp-RMX
IC2 78L05
CN1-CN13 Thonkiconn jacks PJ301M-12
POT1-POT6 Alpha 9mm 100Kohm Lin
POT7-POT12 20mm slider 5Kohm Lin


PCB Layout

Building steps

1. Solder the 10-pin IDC power connector and the chip (or a socket)

2. Solder D1-D7 diodes. Mind the polarity

3. Solder the R1-R12 resistors

4. Solder the C1-C6 & C13 ceramic capacitors

5. Solder the C7-C12 & C14 electrolythic capacitors. Mind the polarity

6. Solder the IC2 linear regulator

7. Flip the board over and solder the CN1-CN13 Thonkiconn jacks

8. Solder the POT7-POT12 slider potentiometers

9. Solder the POT1 potentiometer

10. Cut the left support leg of POT2-6 potentiometer

11. Solder the POT2-6 potentiometer

12. Mount the panel and tighten the nuts for the Thonkiconn jacks with your fingers. DO NOT use a tool.

13. Finished. Mount it in your eurorack and drum away.