DIY VT-4 Volkstrommel

The VT-4 Volkstrommel is a 4-channel drum module in 8HP.

Volkstrommel is german for peoples drum so your going to have to build it your self.

PCB is available here for $5:

And the panel is $9.95:
VT-4 Panel

If you just want to solder the preprogrammed chip is $9.95:
VT-4 Chip

Note: For you that will follow this project on your vacation the webshop will be closed for the summer during July so make sure you get the PCB/Panel before that.

The Peoples Drum

So what is it? The specs:

  • 4 channel sample player
  • 4 separate tuning knobs
  • 4 separate outputs
  • 4 mixer level knobs
  • 1 mixed output
  • 1 accent input
  • 60Kb sample storage (~3 sec@20Ksps)
  • Support for USB
  • Support for MIDI