DIY Syncope Instructions

Now you can build the Syncope 2HP Drum module yourself.

The kit with all the parts are available here:

Syncope 2HP Module Kit

BOM for the build

IC1 Syncope Drum chip
IC2 78L05
R1 1Kohm
C1, C2, C3 10uF
D1, D2 1N4148
POT1 10Kohm Alpha 9mm
POT2 10Kohm 20mm slider
CN1, CN2 3.5mm mono switch Thonkiconn jack

PCB layout


Building steps

1. Get all the parts out

2. Solder the power header

3. Solder the protection diode, mind the polarity

4. Solder the IC2 regulator and the 1Kohm resistor

5. Solder the C1, C2 and C3 electrolythic capacitors, mind the polarity

6. Solder IC1 drum chip, mind the dot is pin1, lower left corner, square pad

7. Flip the board over and solder the slide potentiometer

8. Solder the thonkiconn jacks

9. Solder the alpha rotary potentiometer

10. Solder the trigger protection diode, mind the polarity

11. Mount the panel and fasten the jack nuts with your fingers. DO NOT USE A TOOL!

12. Mount it in your eurorack and drum away.